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Little Black Aussie Songbook Vol 2

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If the 200 songs in The Little Black Aussie Song Book Vol 1 weren't quite enough for you here are another 100 iconic rock and pop hits from some of Australia's greatest recording artists.

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Little Black Aussie Songbook Volume 2: It's compact so you can carry it with you in your guitar case, but don't let the size fool you. All 100 songs from John Butler Trio, Silverchair, LRB, INXS, Hunters & Collectors, Pete Murray just to name a few, include full lyrics and guitar chords and are arranged in the original key as recorded. A massive testimony to the range and diversity of the Australian music scene!


  • Albertine [Fraser, Brooke]
  • Always Complaining [Sky Bombers]
  • Ana's Song, [Sliverchair]
  • Angels In The Room [Goodrem, Delta]
  • Bad Boy For Love [Rose Tattoo]
  • Be Yourself [Schneider, Melinda]
  • Better Off Alone [Grinspoon]
  • Better Than, [John Butler Trio]
  • Bodies, [Little Birdy]
  • Boys Light Up (The), [Australian Crawl]
  • Brand New Day, [Lloyd, Alex ]
  • Bring It On Back [Jet]
  • Careless, [Kelly, Paul]
  • Champion, [Grinspoon]
  • Cheap Wine, [Cold Chisel]
  • Cigarettes And Suitcases [Something For Kate]
  • Come On, Come On [Little Birdy]
  • Crank The System, [Superheist]
  • Curiosity [Dallas Crane]
  • Deciphering Me [Fraser, Brooke]
  • Do You See What I See [Hunters & Collectors]
  • Don't Fight It, [The Panics]
  • Don't Want To Go To Bed Now, [Cilmi, Gabriella]
  • Don't You Think It's Time, [Evans, Bob]
  • Drive, [Noll, Shannon]
  • Freak, [Silverchair]
  • From St Kilda To Kings Cross, [Kelly, Paul]
  • Funky Tonight, [John Butler Trio]
  • Get Out, [The Vines]
  • God Told Me To, [Kelly, Paul]
  • Good Times, [Inxs/Barnes]
  • Guitar Band [Wright, Stevie]
  • Help Is On It's Way, [Little River Band]
  • High Voltage, [AC/DC]
  • Hurricane, [Faker]
  • I Remember When I Was Young, [Taylor, Matt]
  • I Want You Back [Hoodoo Gurus]
  • I Was Born Blind (Gurrumul History) [Yunupingu, Gurrumul]
  • I Was Only Nineteen, [Redgum]
  • I'll Be Gone, [Spectrum]
  • In This Life [Goodrem, Delta]
  • It Goes Off, [Sky Bombers]
  • Just A Boy, [Angus And Julia Stone]
  • Know Your Product, [The Saints]
  • Living Kind, [Ups And Downs]
  • London Still, [The Waifs]
  • Lonely, [Noll, Shannon]
  • Look So Fine, Feel So Low, [Kelly, Paul]
  • Lost & Running, [Powderfinger]
  • Love Me Like The World Is Ending [Lee, Ben]
  • Mango Tree, [Angus And Julia Stone]
  • Moment In The Sun, [The Living End]
  • No Reason, [Grinspoon]
  • One Crowded Hour, [Augie March]
  • Opportunity, [Murray, Pete]
  • Outta My Head [Spiderbait]
  • Pennywhistle [Augie March]
  • Pick Me Up, [Murray, Pete]
  • Pick You Up, [Powderfinger]
  • Planet New Year, [Blasko, Sarah]
  • Pony, [Chambers, Kasey]
  • Postcard, [Karma County]
  • Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, [Jet]
  • Raise The Alarm, [The Living End]
  • Rattlin' Bones, [Kasey Chambers/Shane Nicholson]
  • Reckless (Don't Be So), [Australian Crawl]
  • Rip It Up, [Jet]
  • Rock 'n' Roll Train, [AC/DC]
  • Running Back, [Mauboy, Jessica]
  • Scar, [Missy Higgins]
  • Shadow Feet, [Fraser, Brooke]
  • Shazam!, [Spiderbait]
  • Shout, [O'Keefe, Johnny]
  • Slipping Away, [Merritt, Max]
  • Someone So Much, [Evans, Bob]
  • Somethin' Wrong, [The Easy Beats]
  • Songbird, [Bernard Fanning]
  • Still Here [Schneider, Melinda] [Kelly, Paul]
  • Sweet About Me [Climi, Gabriella]
  • T.N.T, [AC/DC]
  • Take A Long Line, [The Angels]
  • The Cold Acre [Augie March]
  • The Loved One, [The Loved Ones]
  • The Sound Of White [Higgins, Missy]
  • The Special Two, [Missy Higgins]
  • The Way I Made You Feel, [Kuepper, Ed]
  • They Thought I Was Asleep [Kelly, Paul]
  • This Heart Attack, [Faker]
  • Thrill Is Gone [Fanning, Bernard]
  • Times We Had, [Camels]
  • Tomorrow, [Silverchair]
  • Too Drunk To Drive, [Bodyjar]
  • Walking On A Dream, [Empire Of The Sun]
  • We Are The People, [Empire Of The Sun]
  • We Can'T Be Beaten, [Rose Tattoo]
  • What's So Bad About Feeling Good, [Lee, Ben]
  • White Noise, [The Living End]
  • Wish You Well, [Fanning, Bernard]
  • You Can Steer, [Missy Higgins]
  • You, [Carr, Wes]

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